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Ram's Head Roofing and Windows: Transforming Luis Barrett's First Investment Property

(Before and after pictures of the house below. We did the roof, fascia and soffit on this investment property in Galena, Kansas.)

Real estate investment can be both exciting and challenging, especially for first-time investors. Luis Barrett, the founder of Freedom Lawn & Landscape, embarked on his journey into real estate investment with the same passion and dedication that he brings to transforming landscapes. One of the crucial aspects of ensuring a successful investment is maintaining and enhancing the property, and that's where Ram's Head Roofing and Windows had the privilege of playing a part. Ram's Head Roofing and Windows collaborated with Luis Barrett on his very first property, recognizing the importance of protecting his investment and ensuring its structural integrity.

Luis Barrett: A Passionate Real Estate Investor

Luis Barrett's journey into real estate investment was born out of a desire to break free from the confines of the traditional 9-to-5 workday. His landscaping business, Freedom Lawn & Landscape, originally started as a side gig but quickly grew into a full-fledged venture. As COVID-19 prompted more people to spend time at home, Luis saw an opportunity to not only make extra income but also to transform properties into something beautiful. It was a move that proved immensely rewarding, as his customers were often overjoyed to see how stunning their homes could look with his landscaping touch.

Luis's dedication to his business and community support allowed him to transition into real estate investment. He's accompanied by a skilled crew and his wife, Hannah Barrett, who plays a crucial role in scheduling and organization within the company. Their mission at Freedom Lawn & Landscape is to change lives by changing landscapes, guided by a commitment to serving God and serving others.

Ram's Head Roofing and Windows: Safeguarding the Foundation

When it came to Luis Barrett's first investment property, he recognized the importance of maintaining its structural integrity and enhancing its curb appeal. That's where Ram's Head Roofing and Windows stepped in as a trusted partner in his real estate journey.

Ram's Head Roofing and Windows is known for its commitment to quality and expertise in roofing and exterior solutions. For us, it's about our role in safeguarding the investments of individuals like Luis. We really care about the preservation and restoration of great homes. We understood that the roof is the first and most vital component of an investment remodel. It not only protects all the work below it but also adds to the property's overall value.

Our collaboration with Luis Barrett was guided by his desire for professionalism in the trades and his commitment to ensuring that every aspect of his investment was handled with care. Together, we worked to ensure that the property's roof was in top-notch condition. This attention to detail not only protects the investment but also contributes significantly to the property's aesthetic appeal.


Luis Barrett's journey in both landscaping and real estate is a tale of passion, dedication, and community support. With Freedom Lawn & Landscape and the expertise of Ram's Head Roofing and Windows, Luis has not only successfully embarked on his real estate investment journey but has also ensured that his investment is built on a solid foundation.

At Ram's Head Roofing and Windows, we take pride in our role as a trusted partner in safeguarding investments. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with real estate enthusiasts like Luis Barrett, helping them achieve their investment goals while enhancing the beauty and structural integrity of their properties.

Check out Luis' Lawncare and Landscaping Site. He covers Southwest Missouri in areas like Joplin and Neosho and even goes into Kansas and Northwest Arkansas.

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