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Transforming a Kitchen with Light and Collaboration

"A Window to a Brighter Kitchen: Our Collaboration with Tim Albertson of ABE Painting"

Introduction: At Ram's Head, our projects are more than renovations; they're visions brought to life. This was exemplified in our collaboration with Tim Albertson, the owner of ABE Painting in Joplin, Missouri.

The Inspiration: The transformation of Tim's kitchen was inspired by Brenda, Tim's wife. Her desire to enjoy the view of their newly renovated backyard, complete with a beautiful garden and garden shed, was the catalyst for this project.

Our Solution: We did have to build a support wall which you can see in the pictures and then we installed a massive header. This is where it pays to hire a good contractor a wrong move here and you have major problems. To fulfill Brenda's vision, we installed a custom-built Provia Endure Window. This impressive super long window, matching the original height, not only brightens the kitchen but also offers a panoramic, tinted view that is crystal clear yet gentle on the eyes. I love how it fills the whole space above the countertop and I think I will look into building out more kitchens like this.

Additional Enhancements: Along with the window, we remodeled the back wall and installed new, energy-efficient back doors, enhancing both aesthetics and home efficiency.

Collaboration with ABE Painting: ABE Painting, led by Tim Albertson, brought their expertise in finishing touches and quality craftsmanship, ensuring the project was cohesive and met our high standards.

ABE Painting - A Trusted Partner: ABE Painting's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is renowned in Joplin, MO. We recommend visiting their website and Facebook page to view their exceptional work.

The Result: The kitchen is transformed into a bright, inviting space, with the Provia Endure Window providing a stunning view of the garden, connecting the interior with the vibrant outdoors.

Before and After Photos: The included photos illustrate the dramatic change, showcasing the power of innovative design and collaboration.

Conclusion: This project highlights our commitment at Ram's Head to excellence and collaboration with local businesses like ABE Painting, benefiting our clients and the community.

At Ram's Head, we're dedicated to turning your dreams into reality. Follow our blog and social media for more stories of our collaborative projects.

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